Discover the benefits of EASY-CRADLE.

The ideal solution for keeping your hull constantly clean, your boat more efficient in the water and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

  • Dramatically reduce need for anti-fouling*
  • Attaches simply to your mooring
  • More efficient boating with less drag
  • Easy to use
  • Retain the value of your vessel
  • Your hull stays cleaner, longer
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly

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How it worksHow it works

How it works.

A floating bed of soft rubber strips that form a cradle which attaches at the head to the mooring. As the vessel approaches the mooring, it rides over the floating bed, conforming to the shape of the hull to the water line. The vessel is then attached to the mooring in the usual manner. With simple attachments to the hull at the various float points, the hull is ‘cradled’ in a bed of rubber strips that are constantly agitated along the hull surface by the natural elements – tidal currents, winds and wave action.

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce maintenance costs.

Traditionally, regular haul out and hard stand cleaning, followed by the application of antifouling paints has been the method preferred. This has always been an expensive exercise and, depending on circumstances, more often than expected. Even the residual action of the paint itself is now coming into question.

With the EASY-CRADLE we recommend you start with a reasonably clean hull (although not essential) and enjoy significantly longer periods of time between a major overhaul of the hull surface, as the nature elements maintain an agitation that does not allow fouling to take hold.*

* Intermittent cleaning of the EASY-CRADLE is recommended, i.e. waterblasting or brushing. EASY-CRADLE can cover 80-90% of the hull surface. In water cleaning of areas not reached by the EASY-CRADLE is recommended.

Custom assembled and easy to install.

Available as bespoke designed whole boat cradles or in 2+ metre sections, easily movable along length of boat at intervals, for easy cleaning.

Accommodates most hull shapes with simple adaptions for keels and propellers.

Once in place, it is always ready for action. Allowing you time to get on with more enjoyable things.

Custom assembled and easy to install
Single Blok

Single Blok

Double Blok

Double Blok

Knot Blok.

Knot Blok, a purpose designed and patented device utilised at key connection points for fast, efficient assembly and adjustment.

Is the EASY-CRADLE Clean Hull System right for you?Get A Quote

Is the EASY-CRADLE compatible with my boat?

Designed to suit most vessels. Whether it’s recreational or commercial, we have a solution for you to look after your boat.

"EASY-CRADLE is the result of 3 years of product development, industry consultation and ongoing innovation."

Art Leppens, Inventor, Sneppel Innovations Ltd.

Is the EASY-CRADLE Clean Hull System right for you?Get A Quote