Introducing the world’s first 24 hour Hull Cleaning System, powered by nature.

EASY-CRADLE is a simple, in-the-water solution that has been developed, built, and distributed by Sneppel Innovations.

Recognising the growing awareness for simpler, more cost efficient ways to meet the demand for cleaner, bio-friendly methods of hull maintenance, we turned to the natural forces of nature – wind, waves and tidal movement. Utilising this endless energy source, we have designed a simple system that is not only easy to install, but easy to use, operate and maintain.

Designed to suit most vessels. Whether it’s recreational or commercial, we have a solution for you to look after your boat.

We believe EASY-CRADLE will help boat owners and operators to not only save on hull maintenance, but play a part in maintaining a healthy and safe coastal environment we can all enjoy.

"EASY-CRADLE is the result of 3 years of product development, industry consultation and ongoing innovation."

Art Leppens, Inventor, Sneppel Innovations Ltd.

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